- Make-up according to eyes color

         Eyes color is influenced by the amount of melanin located in the iris. Light blue or blue-gray eyes contain the smallest amount of melanin and black eyes (dark brown) the largest amount. 

          There are four main eye colors: blue, green, brown and black. Since the amount of melanin varies from person to person, eye color is unique. Thus there are blue eyes, gray, greenish blue, greenish gray, bluish green, spotted with brown or golden brown, greenish brown, golden brown, (honey), light brown, dark brown (black) etc. 
        To choose the right eye shadow, start from the basic color of the iris and use makeup that will emphasize it.

            Eye shadow color will be chosen so as to emphasize the color of the iris. As we learned from the color circle, any color is best evidenced by its complementary. Course, makeup must take account of skin color, hair, age, occasion and outfit worn but you must find a balance between these characteristics.

                Blue eyes. Complementary color of blue is orange. Thus, the cold blue of iris will be best emphasized with warm shades of orange, peach, bronze, brown, gold, scarlet. It can use shades of gray, silver, lilac, turquoises. Avoid the blue eye shadow with the same tone color as the iris. You can only use a dark blue eye shadow if the iris is light blue. Black or dark brown eye liner on the upper eyelid will cause a deeper and sexy look. Mascara can be both black and dark brown.


          Green eyes. Green complementary color is red. But do not use red eye shadow if you don’t want to show as if you have irritated eyes. Best eye shadow colors for green eyes are those that contain the red pigment in composition: purple, orange, pink, plums, brown. Green eye makeup can be done with a broader range of colors than the blue eyes. Avoid green eye shadow, which will hide the beauty of iris. Eye liner and mascara should be black.

         Hazel eyes. Brown, being a neutral color matches a variety of colors. If you want to emphasize the beauty and warmth of brown iris you can use the most suitable colors: blue, purple, plum, lilac, khaki, brown, orange, gold. If the eyes are greenish brown use the eye shadow colors that emphasize the green color of the iris. Choose cool colors if your skin tone is cool and warm colors if it is warm. Mascara can be both black and brown.

   Black eyes. The beauty of black eyes (dark brown) will be emphasized by dark tones of blue and purple but you can also use plum, gray or black. Mascara will always be black.