6. Eyeliner

Photo by Ashley Harrigan


Photo by the Italian voice
         Liquid eyeliner gives your eyes a perfectly defined shape, higher than contour pencil. It is an opaque liquid and it is applied with a thin and soft brush or a marker applicator. It is applied slightly more difficult and requires more precision.

      It can be both classic and water resistant formula (waterproof).

      Apply after eye shadow starting from the middle of the eyelid to outwards drawing a slightly upward line. Then, draw a line from the inside of the eyelid to the middle.

      For easier application, it can be traced a line with a contour pencil before eyeliner. It is only recommended for upper eyelid because it looks tougher and may also irritate the eyes.


Photo by Breelynne
           Gel eyeliner is easier to apply than liquid eyeliner because it dries harder and it doesn’t crack.

          Also, it lasts longer. It comes in a little pot and is applied with a sharp-angled brush. It is recommended only for upper eyelid because may cause an infection.