Photo by mark sebastian

      Makeup art has many techniques and tricks designed to bring a face to perfection. Of course, in addition to "wearable" makeup (day or evening), there are other types of makeup used on special occasions and in different circumstances and goals (stage makeup, film etc.).

      Speaking of wearable makeup, we must consider the face shape, hair color, geometry and color of eyes, mouth shape, skin color, age, occasion, clothes etc. A properly makeup must be in perfect harmony with them.

      A make-up artist has their own techniques of makeup but starts from some basic rules that make their work successful.

      Any woman can makeup herself but she must know some basic rules, the destination of each product and how to use makeup, how to combine colors and also to know hers face imperfections to correct them.

      Completely makeup is not just application of the foundation, the powder etc., but also the care and preparation in advance of your skin (cleansing, toning and protection).

       A very important role is played by the eyebrows shape. It give expressive eyes and even the whole face.