10. Lipstick

        This cosmetic product so seductive, lipstick has, in addition to the role of aesthetics, the function of maintenance, moisturizing and protecting for lips.
        Lipsticks come in different colors and shades, fatter or drier, matte or pearl.
        Also, lipsticks can be:
- Classical, bar-shaped, solid texture;
- Liquid, container shaped, fitted with an applicator;
- Transfer resistant, bar-shaped, or liquid formula with an applicator and fixative;
- Gloss (lip lacquer), colorless or slightly colored, pearl or not, designed to give lips shine and extra volume.
        Lipstick color should take into account the color of hair, skin, outfit, makeup and even teeth.
        Lip shape also plays an important role in lipstick choosing taking into account that dark shades diminish, the light colors highlight and lip gloss and nacre gives volume.

        How to choose lipstick:
     • Depending on skin color:
-Very dark skin (black): dark brown, plum, garnet color.
-Creole skin: chocolate, brick red-brown, red-orange.
-Yellow skin: pink, garnet, peach.
-Pink skin: generally pastel colors such as beige, pink, peach.
-Very white skin: intense velvety colors: red, orange, cyclamen.

     • Depending on the color of teeth:
-White-teeth: no restriction on colors.
-Yellow-teeth: cold colors contrasting with the yellow teeth like pink.
-Gray teeth: warm colors such as beige or cappuccino.

        Choose a lipstick of the same color family as the blush.