8. Mascara

       Mascara is a cosmetic product that completes eye makeup as it enhances the appearance of the eyes. It used to curled, darken, lengthen and thicken eyelashes. Apply to the root of eyelashes and continue out to the tips. After a few seconds is necessary to apply a second coat. The motion of the brush will be in zig-zag because lashes do not stick and also to spread the mascara out evenly
Photo by Jim Gardner @esquisite
Emphasis on the outside corner lashes. If your eyelashes are too straight, you should try curling them using a good eye lash curler before applying mascara. Before curling, eyelashes must be dry. Curl them 3 times.
      Mascara can be regular and water resistant (waterproof). The water resistant products will remove with biphasic products, specially designed for it.
      Depending on the type of lashes they are used different types of mascara:
      •   Lengthening - ideal for short lashes;
      •   Volumizing - used especially for thin or rare eyelashes.
      If lashes are thin, use first a lengthening mascara (which will separate and lengthen them) and then apply mascara for volume which it will thicken them.
      For short eyelashes, use first a volumizing mascara (it will thicken the lashes but will make them look shorter) and then a lengthening mascara that will separate the hairs, giving them a false eyelashes look.
      If you are a lucky owner of thick and curved mother-nature lashes, is sufficient to use mascara with curved brush. Your eyelashes will be enviable.
      On special or emotional occasions, or when wearing contact lenses is absolutely necessary to use waterproof mascara.
      Do not use this type of mascara all the time because it is too hard for lashes and may lead to break them. Use for removing only specials.
      Mascara can have different colors. The most common mascara is black, which gives a depth and dramatic look. Brown color fits very well in everyday makeup, especially for blondes or older women.
      There are also other colors of mascara, according to several very young girls or women: blue, green, purple, pink. This so popular cosmetic, mascara should not be missing from the kit of a woman. Just a little mascara and your eyes will shine.