- Lip make-up

      Like the eyes, lips catch the eyes of interlocutor. Their properly makeup will consider their form, the eye makeup, teeth color, age, occasion and so on.

      Lips care should not be neglected. They should be soft, smooth and hydrated to be beautiful and seductive. A beautiful smile is emphasized by the appearance of lips.
      Correction lip makeup requires covering with a thin layer of foundation and a light powder dust. Thus, color lips will be "nude", which will facilitate the corrections and will give resistance for lipstick.

- Thin lips will shape with a pencil, almost invisible outside the natural line. Lipstick color will be glossy and bright;

- Thick lips will perfectly outline inside the natural lip contour. If lips are large, the contour line must be drawn not just by the corner of the lips and they are small, it will easily exceed the corner, almost imperceptibly. Lipstick must be matte;

- Lips with downward corners will be shaped to give a bottom part of the upper lip. Avoid the lips corners. Lipstick must have a bright color.

- Asymmetrical lips must be shaped to correct the defect and to obtain the correct proportions. Lipstick should be glossy.

- Wrinkled lips will outline exactly on their natural line. It will use matte lipsticks or slightly pearly, pastel colors. Too much pearly emphasizes wrinkles so it is avoided.