- Face makeup

     Knowing your face shape is very important in the makeup application and for implementation of the corrective makeup, aesthetically correct. It should be borne in mind that dark shades decreases and the light colors increase and highlight. For correction are using two shades of foundation: one with the skin color and another one darker or lighter, depending on the type face.

     There are distinguished seven types of faces:

1-Oval face → It is the perfect type of face; the other types must be corrected so as to bring this form. Makeup, however, will take into account the shape of eyes, lips and eyebrows.

2-Round face → Corrective makeup should do the face appear more elongatedUse a darker foundation on the cheek side almost to the chin, taking care to fade very well.
    Blush will be to create the illusion of lengthening the face. It will be applied from cheeks and close to the eyes, blending it obliquely to the temples.
         Eyebrows must be upward.


 3-Square face → Aim is to make the face appear round. Thus, projections of the face (outside parts of forehead and lower jaw) will be slightly darker with a darker foundation, blending carefully. 
        Blush will be applied on the cheeks, near the eyes, in the form of a triangle pointing to the temples. 
        Eyebrows will have a curved shape.

4- Elongated face → Corrective makeup is to make the face look wider and more rounded. To do this, use a foundation with a lighter tone on lower jaw and on each side of the forehead, blending it very well. 
       Apply a highlighter on the cheek. Blush should be applied on the cheeks, in direction of pupils, blurred in horizontal direction. 
        Eyebrows will have almost horizontal shape.

5-Diamond face → this form of face has some areas (the lower jaw, cheeks, forehead and temples) less prominent.            
        Apply a foundation on these which is a lighter tone and blend it thoroughly. 
        Blush should be applied in the oval shape on the upper cheekbone. 
      Eyebrows should be slightly apart and arched in direction of cheekbone.

6-Triangle face pointing up (pear-shaped)→ Apply a foundation with a darker tone on the jaw line that is wider towards the forehead. 
         Blush application will be taken from the external corner of the eye, rectangular shaped, dimmed to the temples.            
       Eyebrows will be more distant, to make the forehead appear wider.

7- Triangle face pointing down (heart-shaped face)→ Obviously, it will follow the lower jaw and cheeks appear wider. For this will apply in these areas a foundation with a lighter tone. 
        Blush will be applied on cheeks (which are most prominent), in direction of eyes pupils, slightly upward to the temples. 
             Eyebrows will be upward to give bright eyes.


         Double chin (goiter) will be masked with a darker foundation, well blended.