- Eye make-up

      Eyes are the most important interest area of face. Their ideal form is the almond with the eyelid visible along the entire eye. Eyes makeup will follow an almond-shaped to all types of eyes.
      There are following types and shapes of eyes:

  • Wide-Apart Eyes → Distance between eyes is greater than the length of the eye. To make them look closer, will be applied a medium to dark shadow near the inner corner of the eyes and a lighter color on the outer corner. Eyes should be completely line from inner to outer corner. Eyebrows must be close;

  • Close-Set Eyes → Distance between the eyes is less than the length of the eye. On the inner half of the eyelid will be applied a light color and one darker on the outer half. Line the eye starting from the middle eyelid outwards;

  • Deep-Set Eyes → Upper eyelid is hardly seen. Apply a light eye shadow (pale pink, peach or pearly beige) over the eyelid, which will extend to eyebrows. To make eyes look bigger, will increase the crease with medium colored shadow that will fade slightly up to the brow bone. It will emphasize the inner corners with a highlighter;

  • Protruding eyes → As protruding upper eyelid, it will uniformly cover with a medium or dark color, usually matte. If the lower eyelid is also prominent, will be applied makeup on that area. On the eyelid crease to eyebrow will apply a light pastel hint color. You can apply a dark khôl pencil on conjunctiva of lower eyelid to make eyes look smaller;

  • Small eyes → Apply a light color on the entire upper eyelid. To make eyes look bigger, apply a darker shade on the crease, blending well. The outer corner of the eyelid may be emphasized by a dark shadow. On the brow bone will apply a very light eye shadow or a highlighter; 

  • Round eye →It is intended to lengthen optically the eyes . For this, eye makeup will be applied on the upper eyelid and extends to the temples, slightly upward. Using an eyeliner draw a line upward from the middle of the eyelid and extending it slightly beyond the eye;

  • Hooded eyes → Droopy lid will be mask with a mat darker eye shadow. In the inner half of the eyelid will be apply a light color, even pearl. Bottom line of the lower eyelid will be extended with an eyeliner pencil. Apply a pastel shade under the brow.

  • Asian eyes - To emphasize the eyelids apply a bright shadow in the inner half closest to nose. Then, apply a darker shade in the outer half. Blend well. Finish with a light shade on the brow bone.

  •       Do not ever apply pearl makeup on prominent parts of the eye. Thus, if eyelid is more visible than the arcade, illuminate the arcade and if eyelid is hidden and arch is wider, illuminate the eyelid. Try to create a balance scale playing with lights and shadows.