7. Eyeshadows

      Available in an impressive variety of colors, eye shadow is to beautify the eyes, to define the eye shape and to enhance the iris color. It comes as pressed or loose powder, cream, stick or liquid formula. Cream eyeshadows are more difficult to use because they crease very fast.
      Eye shadow can be matte, pearly or shimmery. Shimmery eye shadows are recommended for younger people because they emphasize wrinkles and every little line around the eyes. For a more mature eye lid is recommended a slight shimmer or regular shadow but not too mate. Eye shadow color must harmonize with the skin, hair, iris color, clothing and age.
      Applying eye shadow should take into account the geometry of the eyes, given that the dark nuances always “close” and the light shades “open” the sight.
      Iris color will be accentuated if the eye shadow color will be complementary.
      Eye shadow applying is made by brush, sponge applicator or with your fingers.
      Before eye shadows applying it will create a powder base foundation for them to last longer.
      The type of lighting plays an important role in choosing color cosmetics color. Thus, we must know that the cold light, fluorescent (neon) is tedious and cools the colors and the incandescent (normal light bulbs) gives colors a warm touch.
      •  fluorescent light → warm colors: yellow, orange, gold, salmon;
      •  incandescent light → cool colors: blue, green, turquoise, cyclamen and red (some tones)
         and black;
      •  crepuscular light (of candle) → violet, lilac, purple.
      In natural daylight, colors are brighter and more saturated.