5. Contour pencils

      Contour pencils, used in makeup are of different types and for different purposes. Thus, there are eyebrow, eye and lip pencils.

      Eyebrow pencils are harder than others, with diminished pigment, to not create an ugly appearance and an artificial eyebrows look. They are found in different shades for matching each natural eyebrows color. They are usually fitted with a little brush used both to uniform the pencil color on eyebrows and to comb them.

      Eye pencils are used to shape the eyes, giving them both shape and brightness. They can be simple, waterproof or transfer resistant (long-stay, color-stay). Some pencils are enhanced with various substances that nourish the skin: vitamin E, jojoba oil and so on. Kohol or khôl eyeliner, whose name is of Arabic origin, is used both outside the eye contour and inside the eyelid (on the waterline). 
Photo by melloveschallah
Used inside the lower eyelid will accentuate the eyes and will give them brightness but, be carefully, dark colors will make they look smaller. White or beige khôl pencil applied to the conjunctiva of the eyelid (waterline) will make your eyes look bigger.

      Khôl pencil is also called kajal in some regions of the globe (India). They are basically the same thing. It is a pencil with soft powdered texture, a lot more intensity than classic pencils. Khôl pencil is specially designed to be applied on the inside part of the eye without irritating the sensitive skin of this area. It comes in form of a classic pencil and also as compact eye shadow or loose powder.

      Lip pencils are used to shape the lips, outlining them, correct the imperfections and the asymmetries and to increase the lipstick resistance. Colors and shades are different to suit particular lipstick shade and color. Pencil and lipstick must have the same color and tone. Apply the lip pencil with light lines and extend it on the surface of the lips. As eye pencils, it may be in various forms, wood or plastic cylinder and retractable pencil (not sharpened). They are also waterproof formulas, transfer resistance or classical.