1. Cleanser, toner, moisturizer

 A properly makeup starts with the preparing of skin. It is absolutely necessary to create a makeup base that all our effort to be supportive.

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 Cleanser, according to skin type, will clean the impurities (make-up, oil, dead skin cells), leaving the skin perfectly clean. Apply it all over your face and neck, wait few seconds and remove it with cotton pads until it remains clean.

    Toner, specifically designed for each skin type, is meant to remove any remaining cleanser and impurities from the skin, close pores, preparing the skin for the next steps. It also helps to balance the skins pH levels. Toner can be replaced with mineral water, thermal water or herbal infusion chosen depending on the nature of skin (oily skin - sage, lavender, mint, thyme; dry and sensitive skin - chamomile, linden, elder, mallow; couperose skin- hazel; sensitive skin - rosewater). Apply it gently over to the whole face, avoid the eye area.

 Moisturizer will protect your skin and create the makeup base. It obviously should be chosen depending on your skin type. Massage your skin and neck gently with moisturizing cream, wait for 10 minutes to beabsorbed into the skin and then move to the proper makeup. For the eye area use a special cream and apply it in thin, light circular massage starting with the under eyes area, from the outside to inside (towards the nose).

  Apply cleanser, toning lotion and moisturizer only with upwelling, bottom up, avoiding to extent the skin to the chin.