3. Corrector, concealer, illuminator

      Correctors and concealers are the secret weapons of make-up artists, miracle products, which used properly and professionally, radically transform a skin with imperfections.

Photo by Idhren
  •       Corrector is an opaque cosmetic product with a creamy compact texture, and with high covering power. Apply before foundation by tapping on the problem areas: acne, blemishes, scars, and so on.
      It may have different shades of color that are used depending on the nature of the problem.

  • green - cover red spots or markings;
  • beige - cover deep circles, browns spots, ;
  • white - cover brown spots (freckles or spots of hyperpigmentation);
  • purple – cover greyish areas, yellowish bruises;
  • pink - cover dark areas of skin with olive-green tint;
  • yellow - generally used to cover brown tint areas,light reddness and brightens dull complexions;
  • orange – cover areas such as veins bluish tint.
  •       After concealer, foundation is carefully applied by tapping in all those areas.

    •       Concealer is used to cover dark circles more or less pronounced, giving light in the eye area. Apply over your foundation, a thin layer (note!) by light tapping, crescent-shaped. Start from the inner corner of eye, near the nose and blur it well, and at the nose slightly down, applying less on its wings. Apply a little bit on your eyelid to mask these fine veins. Avoid excessive application of it in wrinkled areas because it will highlight wrinkles .It can have a compact or smooth texture. If your skin is dry, avoid solid concealer.
          This product can have multiple colors, used for different color of skin and dark circles:

  • beige - light beige to dark brown;
  • yellow - cover pronounced circles of pale skin;
  • orange - cover pronounced circles of dark skin;
     If the circles are recessed, before foundation, use a concealer with a high covering power, with only a lighter tone.
      Do not apply too light concealer tone as you make it look gray area.
      Puffiness will be covered with a slightly darker concealer than your foundation (to create the illusion of depth with them) and just below them, apply a concealer with a lighter tone than your foundation.
      Apply concealer with a special brush (flat, synthetic hair), for greater accuracy and easy coverage.

    •       Illuminator is a solid, cream or liquid, low-power recovery cosmetic product which is intended to highlight certain areas of the face. It is usually applied over foundation, above the cheekbone to the outer corner of eye, slightly blurred to the temples, above the eyebrows, upper lip and on the nose bridge (only if it is not too prominent).