9. Blush

     Applied properly, blush completes makeup, giving skin a radiant and fresh look. It has the role of emphasizes the cheekbones and for adds color to the cheeks.
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For its application take into account the face shape, skin color and the overall makeup. Also, be aware that the upward lines optically elongate and lift the face features and the downward lines down them.
    Blush can have two different textures:

  • Cream, liquid, gel. Apply directly over foundation, before powder application with the fingers, sponge or a blush brush. It will fades very well;
  • Pressed powder. Apply only after having applied the powder, otherwise it can create unaesthetic streaks. Fade it very well.    Blush can have a matte, metallic, pearly or slight shimmery finish.
  •   For oily skin, powder blush is the best. Instead, dry skin needs a cream blush which will give it a very natural complexion. Youthful skin, no blemishes, looks gorgeous with a gel blush.

       The choice of blush color depending on skin tone:

  • yellow tinted skin - warm colors: peach, gold, coral, bronze;
  • pinkish tinted skin - cool colors: pink, plum, fuchsia;
  • dark skin - plum, fuchsia, red, chocolate.
  •   Whatever the type, apply the blush in small quantity and very faded. For a more precise and natural looking, always apply blush on each side of the face from outwards to inwards.