To delay the signs of time passing and to enjoy the beautiful skin for a long time you must keep it perfectly healthy.

   Here's the ritual that you must strictly follow:

   1. Skin cleansing

   Cleansing will be done every morning and evening and before makeup. Its role is to remove dirt, sebum and makeup and to allow skin to breathe.
   Choose cleanser according to skin type. If you have oily skin you can use water and soap, but it must be of good quality. Avoid using it in excess as it can damage the skin PH.
   Removing of makeup and impurities will be done until the cleansing cotton disks remain clean. Start with the lips, eyes and then the rest of face with light movements from the bottom up. Do not forget to cleanse the neck because it betrays the true age. Cleansing of neck is made with top-down and bottom-up (back and forth) movements. Apply the cleanser on your skin with fingers, with circular motions, wait 2-3 minutes to dissolve the dirt and then wipe with cleansing cotton disks.
   Cleansing means a clean skin and not necessarily removing makeup therefore it is required even if you wore makeup or not, if you are very tired or rushed.

   2. Toning

   Tonic lotion, applied after cleansing, cleans the skin, adjusts acidity of skin, activates the blood circulation and tones up the muscles of face giving it a fresh look.
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Also, tonic lotion cleans the remaining cleanser and impurities, closes pores and prepares skin for nourishment and moisturizing.
   Depending on the type of skin can be used the following tonic lotions:
 - For dry and sensitive skin: non-alcoholic and calming lotions;
 - For oily skin: astringent lotions.
   Whatever of skin type, it is advisable to use moisturizing and non-alcoholic tonic lotions.
   If you have dry skin but pores are dilated you can use gently astringent toners.

   3. Nourishing

   For skin nourishing, after cleansing and toning, apply a good quality skin cream suitable for your skin type.
   Evening, at bedtime, use a cream with nutritive properties. If you have dry skin, do not ever neglect this step. If you have oily skin you do not need to keep the cream on face overnight. After 1-2 hours after application you can gently wipe with a thin tissue.
   Whatever your skin type, at bedtime apply around the eyes a greasy cream to act overnight.

   4. Protection

            Skin protection creams must be applied in the morning after cleansing and toning, of course.

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         Choose especially creams with sunscreen (SPF) whatever of season. The SPF should be lower in winter and higher in summer when the sun's UV rays damage health and freshness of skin. 
        Then, you can apply a thin layer of powder, especially if you have oily skin.