Besides the obligatory ritual of your skin health maintenance (cleansing, toning, moisturizing, nourishing) skin must regularly enjoy some cosmetic procedures such as steam bath, exfoliation, face mask and massage, which acting on skin depth.

   Steam bath

   Made every two weeks, steam bath is an excellent procedure for cleaning the skin of all impurities accumulated in it (residues of makeup, sebum, dust and dead cells), to pores opening and skin moisturizing.
   Steam bath is recommended for greasy and normal skins. For sensitive and dry skins this cosmetic procedure will be rarely, once a month. If you have couperosis skin must avoid steam bath.

   How To:
   Tie your hair well, leaving your face off. Clean your skin with cleanser and toner and then apply a greasy cream around your eyes. In a large bowl, make an herbal infusion. Cover your head with a towel and expose your skin over the vessel with infusion. Steam should not be too hot to prevent skin irritation. Make sure the neck is also exposed to steam. Stay on top of the bowl for 5-10 minutes until the skin sweat well then wipe your face gently with a sterile cloth.
   Plants used for the infusion for steam bath vary depending on skin type:
 - For oily skin: mint, sage, lavender, thyme;
 - For dry and sensitive skin: chamomile, linden, elder, mallow.


   Exfoliation aims to help the skin to regenerate. This cosmetic procedure removes impurities and dead cells which usually lead to pigmentation spots occurrence and to lack of the skin firmness. Also, by peeling it prevents comedones, whiteheads and acne.

   Exfoliating products vary depending on skin type. Skins with medical problems should not use this cosmetic procedure.

   Exfoliation can be done with some gel products that contain some micro-particles acting through gently dermal abrasion. Apply to the skin surface, avoiding around the eye area and rub gently with circular motions. Exfoliation is not recommended for acne and sensitive skins.

   Another type of exfoliation procedure is made with fruit acids (AHA, BHA) which penetrate the stratum corneum of skin and removes dead skin cells. Fruit acids stimulate collagen production and smooth the fine lines on the skin surface.

   Face masks

     Once a week, you can pamper your skin with a cosmetic mask.
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It has a calming, moisturizing and toning effect. Cosmetic masks close skin pores, stimulate circulation, help to regenerate tissue and attenuate wrinkles. Isn't it true that it's a real pampering?
How to:
   First clean well your skin with cleanser to remove impurities. Then gently wipe the skin with a toner or an herbal infusion. Apply now the mask on face, neck and décolleté, avoiding area around eyes, lips, eyebrows and nostrils. Applied layer should be thick and uniform. Around eyes apply an eye cream and apply decongestant compresses with herbal infusion (chamomile or cornflowers) to the eyelids. Face mask must be maintained about 15-20 minutes then it is removed with a clean cloth soaked in warm water or in herbal infusion. After the mask removing apply on skin your usual face cream.
   Face masks must take into account your skin type:
 - Dry skin needs emollient masks. It can be used in their preparation egg yolk, olive oil or sunflower oil, honey, cream, wheat bran and some fruits like bananas, apricots, peaches, white grapes. If skin is dry and dehydrated, paraffin mask can be applied.
 - Oily skin: needs astringent masks: egg white, lemon juice, clay, yeast, strawberries, wild strawberries, tomato juice (especially if skin is seborrheic with comedones).
 - Combination skin needs two types of face masks: astringent mask on the oily areas (T zone) and emollient mask on dry areas (cheeks).
 - Couperose skin: cucumber juice and fresh and raw slices of potato.
   If you're more comfortable you may use commercially masks that are available in several types depending on skin type: moisturizing, nourishing, brightening etc.

   Facial massage


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         Facial massage should be practiced since the age of 25 years to prevent wrinkles and to keep the tonicity of facial muscles. There are numerous massage techniques that can be done by a professional masseur or even by ourselves. Avoid any massage if your skin is suffering from certain problems.

           The simple massage is executed when the skin is gently touched when we apply the face cream. It begins with neck massage, from chin to décolleté and then, in a circular motion without taking your hands off the skin, from chin to ears, on cheeks, to middle of forehead above the nose, on forehead and then to the temples. The massage should last for 10 or 15 minutes. Massage movements will always be upward.