Body and skin care means both physical and mental health. A beautiful body with a smooth skin, clean and hydrated, gives us an attractive image showing that we respect our own person, attracting the respect of others as well.

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           In addition to its role of protection, skin has a vital activity as other organs. Toxins and secretions are eliminated through the skin and also different substances are absorbed through the skin.

            Anyone can offer to themselves a moment of personal pampering, either at home or at salons which are specialized in body treatments. With a little organization, we can find some free moments to pay attention to the health of our body that is so helpful to us in all other activities.


        To function properly, skin should be kept in perfect sanitary condition. Dirty skin can lead to various diseases such as dermatitis.

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Bath must be done ​​no more than 2-3 times a week, avoiding very hot water because it affects the heart. There are also recommended the soft soaps with neutral pH to not destroy the acid mantle of skin that has a protective role. The daily showers must be made ​​with lukewarm water followed by cold water for the body invigoration.

         Before bathing, is recommended to be made a gently body scrub to remove the dead cells.

        In the water for bath add infusions of various herbs: Chamomile (disinfecting effect), mint, sage, lavender (toning effect), linden flowers (calming effect) or wheat bran (that softens the skin).

        After the bath, wipe your body vigorously with a towel to stimulate circulation and then apply a moisturizer. Your skin will be radiant and supple.


The word "sauna" comes from the Finnish language, which means sweating. It has the role of detoxification of tissues and helps skin to regenerate itself.

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It is recommended for people that sweating profusely and those that suffer from acne, asthma or rheumatism. It is prohibited to persons that have circulatory problems, tuberculosis and hypertension.

Sauna is basically a steam bath in a room fitted with wooden benches where you can stay lying down and relaxing. The duration of a sauna session should be within 10-15 minutes, followed by a shower with lukewarm water and then another session of sauna for 25-30 minutes. Finally, make a new shower and a gentle massage that will normalize the heartbeats. Finally, apply a moisturizer that penetrates easily in the skin because the pores are dilated. You'll feel like a newborn baby.


The word "massage" comes from Arabic, in which the "mass" means touch. Massage is practiced since ancient times, by Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, having therapeutic purposes with amazing results.

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Massage is made on certain body parts, with various movements, using your hands or some special equipment. It has a relaxing and calming effect to the nervous system, fortifies the muscular system, maintains the skin elasticity, prevents the formation of fat in the subcutaneous tissue, cleans the sebaceous glands, exfoliates the skin, regulates the digestive functions etc.



Spa therapy is the most beautiful gift that you can offer to your body. SPA means total relaxation with amazing effects on the body and soul.  
To enjoy by this amazing therapy you can go to specialized SPA salons where you will be treated royally but you can turn your bathroom in your own SPA salon with minimal effort and low costs.
What you need?

- A bathtub with warm water

- Calming pastel colors: lilac, lime, blue etc.

- Essential oils: ylang-ylang, lavender, sandalwood, bergamot, chamomile, sage, roses.

- Bath salts

- Scented soaps

- Fluffy cotton towels

- Relaxing music

- A cup of herbal tea: mint, chamomile, lime, St. John's wort flowers etc.

If in your bathroom cold colors predominate, add bath drapes with soft colors: blue, lime green, lilac etc.

Acquire scented candles with relaxing aromas, color matching, in the attractive supports. You can add some beautiful bottles with essential oils.

Combine bath salts with a few drops of essential oil to relax the muscles.

You can create your scrub product to mixing grape seed oil with, sea salt. Exfoliation will leave your skin supple and hydrated.

Pour in the hot water a few drops of essential oil and wait to disperse it.

Apply mask to your face while you relax. Have a relaxing music CD (not in the bathroom). Turn off the electric light and enjoy.


        Depilation is the removal of unwanted hair on various parts of the body. This procedure can be made through various methods:

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- Mechanically (with adhesive tape, wax or epilator)

- Chemically (with special cream that burns the hairs)

- With the shaver (not recommended because hair can grows thicker and tougher)

- Electrically (by electrolysis through repeated sessions. It is done by specialized persons. The process consists in the introduction of a needle into the hair shaft, destroying the papilla.)

- With laser or pulsed light (used for permanent hair removal methods because destroys the hair root. This method requires multiple sessions.)

        Excessive hair to mustache or beard indicates a hormonal imbalance and you must see the endocrinologist.


       Perspiration has the thermoregulation role and to eliminate toxins from the body but the excessive secretion of it by the sebaceous glands is called hyperhidrosis. Normal amount of fluid eliminated through perspiration is up to 1 liter in the 24 hours and in case to intense effort to 9-10 liters.
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        Perspiration is presented in two forms:

- localized (soles, palms, under the axilla). It is characteristic of anemic, emotive, nervous individuals.

- generalized (whole body surface). It meets in the case of some diseases: flu, pneumonia, rheumatism, in the case of chronic diseases such as tuberculosis, to the overweight individuals or with certain nervous diseases.

        The smell of perspiration is influenced to diet, stress levels or activity.

     In the case of an abnormal sweating, the medical examination is recommended for diagnosis and treatment. Wear the clothes made ​​of natural materials and avoid consumption of spicy food, fats, too cold or too hot beverages.