hair loss

         Hair usually falls at a rate of 40-50 shafts per day in healthy people and approximately 100 hair shafts a day in the older people. If there is an abnormal hair loss, without regeneration, it is recommended the medical advice which is an analysis of hair and blood.

Hair loss is accompanied by alopecia (baldness) or not.

If hair loss begins too early, baldness progresses faster.

Men lose hair gradually from the sides of the forehead and crown of head. Women hair falls all over the head but not completely.

        Some of the causes that determine hair loss are:
- Inadequate care and improper cleaning of the scalp
- Dandruff
- Inadequate cosmetic treatments
- Pulling hair in case of depression (trichotillomania)
- A strong emotional shock, stress, anemia
- Some infectious diseases
- Abuse of drugs, alcohol and tobacco
- Wearing the head covered a longer period of time
- Strong rays of the sun
- Metabolic and nutritional disorders
- Heredity
- Pregnancy
- Food
- Drastic regimes for weight loss

Against temporary hair loss you can use shampoos with nettle and even boiled nettle juice. But if your hair falls a long period of time due to an internal imbalance, ask the help of a dermatologist, the only person who can establish a diagnosis and prescribe an appropriate treatment.

Avoid brushing your hair with plastic or metal brushes. Rough natural hair brushes are recommended.