hair graying

        Age brings all sorts of biological changes in the body. Graying of hair occurs because, within the follicle, cells die and stop producing pigment colors and the hair shaft (strain) is loaded gradually with air bubbles.

Photo by Tiberiu Ana

         Besides natural the causes there are other causes of early appearance of white hair:

- A strong emotional shock

- Repeated stress

- Exposure of hair to strong sun rays and high temperatures

- Poor diet with too few vitamins and calories

- Hair dyeing at very small periods of time

- Vitamin B, especially vitamin B5, responsible for the assimilation of nutrients from food

- Certain diseases (thyroid disorders, lack of vitamin B12 that determines pernicious anemia, premature menopause etc.).

- Heredity

         It is recommended the regular consumption of fruits and vegetables, grains, foods rich in antioxidants and amino acids, the maintenance of a balanced lifestyle and the administration of nutritional supplements and vitamins B.