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         Breasts are, was and will be, one of the most powerful weapon of seduction of women. Round or oblong, small or big - all breasts are unique, their shape and size are determined genetically. Whatever their form, they must be strong and supple, pleasant to touch.

        A beautiful bust means fortified pectoral muscle and a straight body position, with shoulders held slightly back. All these features are obtained by gymnastic exercises or sporting activities involving movement of the arms and the solicitation of the muscles of the chest (swimming, canoeing etc).

        If in addition to gymnastics and sport, we also added hydrotherapy (cold showers for toning and hot-cold alternative daily showers for skin elasticity and to stimulate blood circulation) we get a flawless bust that will bring added confidence in your beauty.

Avoid sudden weakness and rapid fattening.

Examples of gymnastic exercises for pectoral muscles:
- Joins the palms in direction of breast and pushing on to one another for 10 seconds. Repeat for 10 times, 3 times each day.

- Lying on your back on a carpet or a gym mattress, extend the arms to the side of your body and, with one weight in each hand, lift them slowly, almost vertically from the body. Then, slowly get off your arms to the starting position inspiring deeply. Breathing has a very important role.

- Standing up, extend your arms forward and run swimming movements.

- Standing up with your legs apart, extends the arms forward and execute movements of scissors, passing a hand over the other.

- For pectoral muscles fortifying and also the arms and body, execute push-ups movements.

- After a bath or shower, apply moisturizers and balms and massage your breasts with gentle movements, from the bottom up.

Gymnastic develops pectoral musculature helping small breasts and big tits as well. Small breasts will look bigger and the big ones will be more fortified with a lower volume.

Hairs have nothing to do on a woman's breasts. Stretch the skin around the nipple, with the thumb and middle finger, and pulls out hairs using a tweezers of quality.

Always wear proper bras for your breasts. They must not gather them and to deform. If you have big breasts, bra should have wider straps and under the breasts to be strengthened. For small breasts, bra will be thicker.

If you practice intensive sport exercises always wear a special bra. Ordinary bras are not suitable for sport.

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Here's how to find the right size for bra:
When purchase of a suitable bra, we must consider two dimensions:

- Chest circumference

- Cup size

1. Measure yourself around the chest, just below the breasts.

2. Then, measure the circumference of your chest, but just to the breasts (called the famous measures 90-60-90). Decrease from the new amount the chest size; you get a number that varies between 1 and 12 cm or, in extreme cases, more (e.g. you have 90, from which subtract 80 cm and so 10 cm remain, which according to the schedule below is D cup).

For each unit of difference you get one type of size of the cups. Thus, if the difference is 1"(2.5 cm), means that the size of the cup is A, if the difference is 2 "(5 cm) - is B, if 3"(7.5 cm) - C etc.

Here is the cup size chart:

Negative difference AAA

<1 inch AA

1" (2, 5 cm) A

2" (5, 0 cm) B

3" (7, 5 cm) C

4" (10, 0 cm) D

5" (12, 5 cm) DD (E French)

6" (15, 5 cm) DDD (European E, F French)

7" (17, 5 cm) DDDD (G)

8" (20 cm) H

9" (23cm) I

10" (25.5) J

The measure of bra is specified numerically by the chest size. The measure of cup is specified by letter. For example: if the bra is 36B measure, then 36 is the chest size and B the cup size.

You should know that some manufacturers have different names for dimensions of larger cups. In addition, each lingerie brand has its unique style and model. Find the bra that fits best and keep in your mind the measure.

There are many different types of bra that makes your breasts look different. Try different types of bra and you choose the one that suits your breasts.
This is the first size you need. (E.g. 80 cm)