A healthy body requires, in addition to a balanced diet, as much movement. They influence the physical appearance, health and life. Lack of movement makes blood to may not be oxygenated as it should, blood pressure to increase (arteries become narrowed due to cholesterol), muscles to atrophy, skin to lose firmness, the immune system to weaken, bones to be more rigid and the bone mass to melt.

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        To maintain our physical and even mental health we must move. The body needs moving just as it needs air. Whatever of age.

        There are several ways you put your body in moving: fitness, jogging, yoga, gymnastics.


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Fitness, so modern physical activity of nowadays, do that, by it practicing, all parts of the body to work together to maintain health. People who practice fitness have a greater power of concentration, energy and good mood. Try to establish a regular program of physical activity, to avoid sedentary and to keep you on form.

Fitness helps athletes to be more highly performing and normal people to be more active.

You can practice fitness both to the gym and at home. You need to be perseverant, motivated and to establish a fixed time schedule for it. Fitness gym has the advantage that it is practiced under the supervision of a coach who can set a proper diet to your needs. In addition, you have to be more disciplined in terms of fitness program.

Fitness has a special role in the regulation of metabolic functions; it gives an increased energy, creates harmony between body and soul, relaxes, strengthens body muscles, strengthens bones and oxygenates lungs. Basically, when you practice fitness, your entire body works, your skin becomes firmer and more beautiful.


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Jogging has beneficial effects for body by the additional intake of oxygen brought to muscles and lungs. By practicing jogging, your heart gets stronger, your rib cage more elastic, your silhouette suppler and muscles become stronger.

People with heart problems should to be more prudent if they want to practice jogging. It is recommended a previously medical examination.

If you decide to start practicing jogging, start gradually from a few minutes or a few meters, about twice a week. You will gradually come to run 2-3 kilometers without fatigue. With some practice and preparation, without overstressing, you see that this practice will bring to you much happiness and fun. Once you exceed the fatigue, jogging will make you euphoric and full of confidence in yourself.

When you practice jogging you should wear loose clothing, made of cotton and the sports shoes must be mild. There are special jogging shoes with air cushion soles. Path on which you decide to jog must be smooth, but surface should not be hard (avoid rocks or asphalt roads).

You also can jog on stairs, going up increasingly several steps.

After a period of intense effort, always you must return to a slower period.


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Yoga dates back three thousand years ago BC. , and has as its study object the entire human body. Yoga in Sanskrit translates as a union of body with soul. Yoga techniques are aimed at improving the concentration power, the breathing and to maintain the mental balance.

Very few people know how to breathe correctly. In general, we use a small part of lungs ability to breathe. Thus, the body is not properly oxygenated which leads to some disruption in our body. Yoga breathing exercises, based on diaphragmatic function, aim to control muscle function during breathing,
thus the lungs will be correctly oxygenated and its will remove more carbon dioxide.

Yoga technique requires a relatively stationary position of sternum and shoulder, head, neck and spine being on the same line. Movements are slow and in perfect harmony. Breathing will be in three equal times: inspiration, breath holding and exhalation. Yoga room should be fully airy and quiet. The clothes worn should to be loose, and urinary bladder and intestines must be empty.

Yoga exercises are made on a flat surface. Body will be in different positions that are named yoga position: They are:

- Lotus position (position of the Buddha). It aims to maintain a perfect vertical position of spine and to calm nerves.

- Cobra position. It has beneficial effects for spine, nervous system and internal organs of the body.

- Camel position.

- Inverted position. It aims to preserve youth.

- Candle position. It has special effects in maintaining youthful, vitality and prevents wrinkles.

By practicing yoga exercises regularly, we get a physical and mental balance which has beneficial effects on health and the rhythm of life. The body will visible beautify. We get a "Mens sana in corpore sano" (Lat. "healthy mind in healthy body".)


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Minimum ten minutes of exercise a day helps maintain the health and beauty. Even the simplest exercises, if they are practiced regularly, with controlled movements, shall bring the incredible transformations over the body: slim waist, flat stomach, straight back, firm chest. All of these transformations will bring many satisfactions and a good disposition.
 It's so easy to be beautiful.... You need at least 10 minutes in the morning and a strong desire: to look beautiful.

Remember the gymnastic exercises which you did at elementary school in the sport hall, and practice them with controlled and slowly movements.

• Squats (strengthen the legs and buttocks muscles)

• Push Ups (tones the pectoral muscles and provide firmness the breasts)

• Pull Ups (strengthen muscles of arms and back)

• Walking in squatting position (strengthens legs, buttocks and thighs)

• Jump on place (thin legs and strengthen the leg articulations)

• Shoulder Stand, Candle (strengthens the abdominal muscles)

• Scissors of legs in a lying position (strengthens muscles of the legs and abdomen)

• Walking with a book on head (for a nice neck and a correct position of the head)

There are many simple exercises that through practice we can obtain an enviable body and correct posture. By practicing at home, you will gain time and you will save money. So, open the windows widely, put a CD with rhythmic music, dress with comfortable clothes and give you a few minutes just for you.