Tall and svelte silhouette

This silhouette is the most wanted by designers from everywhere.
Photo by garryknight

Women who have this type of figure should be proud to have as many of us would want: long legs, suppleness and grace. Due to their svelte body, these women are often androgynous allure (bony shoulders, narrow hips, thin arms and legs). Therefore, the clothes with the very feminine cutting are the most suitable for them, clothes that give volume and body curves. Also, the colors must be carefully chosen to alleviate the feeling of exaggerated height,

- Jackets and blazers in one color, arched at the waist, large lapels, bushy fur collars, coats of thick material with cut in straight lines and classic, puffed sleeves, jackets with pockets, loose sweaters with volume to neck area.

- Skirts of thick materials, slightly wider, pleated, with cut in the shape of A.

-Tight-fitting dresses, sarafan-type, dresses with flounces or bell pepper-shaped, sarafans, round necklines, thin belts and cordons, puffed sleeves.

- Large prints, horizontal stripes to create an optics feeling of width of the body.

- Strong colors, especially in the upper body

-Tight-fitting or tapered trousers in light colors with low or medium waist

- Low or medium heels, long boots, socks with different patterns.

- Medium accessories (purses, necklaces, earrings). Avoid too much accessories because it creates unpleasant contrast between their volume and slim silhouette.

                  Avoid wearing tight clothes or too bulky!