Petite and curvy silhouette

      Clothing selected for this type of silhouette must make the body look taller and thinner:

Photo source

- Short jackets with narrow shoulders, slightly arched coats, at hip level

- Thin sweaters or blouses, casual and not too large, with small collars and to not pass the hips.

- Slip-type dresses in dark colors with V-shaped necklines for optical elongation of the neck.

- Long dresses till the ground with cutting in the shape of A, with waistline placed just below the bust. They should be worn with high heels shoes

- Dark colors (black, brown, blue, purple)

- Small print, vertical stripes

- Trousers with straight cut, dark mono colors, covering the shoes.

- Shoes with medium sized heels by the same color with the tights

- Accessories of small or medium dimensions.