Accesories, details

         Accessories and details can give personality to your outfit but they also can easily ruin an outfit if they are not carefully chosen. Shoes, hat, purse or a pair of gloves that seem to be taken out "from another movie" become the enemies of the style you are trying to create. The golden rule when it comes to the accessories weared: Beware of vulgarity!

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Here are what accessories to wear depending on the occasion:


Accessories for office outfit: wristwatch, closed toe shoes, small necklaces, discreet ring, fine bracelet. Avoid the opulent accessories that are too obvious.

Accessories for women working in an environment that requires creation must have personality, to show creativity, professionalism, to denote good taste, to be practical like a business card for them. The bold and non-conformist, unique combinations and amazing accessories are suitable.

Accessories for special occasions, cocktail parties, weddings and other pretentious meetings. In this case, you have to put in evidence or clothes or accessories, not both at the same time. For example, if you wear a simple dress choose precious accessories, impressive, even the opulent, and vice versa, if your dress is special and you want to put it in highlighted you should wear delicate accessories.

Accessories for parties at night in the club: the opulent, nonconformist, which show your mood, your appetite for fun, your joy.

Accessories for casual outfit. In this case you have to consider the age, height, your body size. Oversized handbags are suitable, colored backpacks, hair ribbons, earrings, necklaces, stacked bracelets, funny accessories, weird shaped rings, plain or colored sunglasses, hats etc. But be careful not to wear any accessories that you have at the same time. Keep proportions between them and does not wear bulky rings to bulky bracelets and necklaces. Also, if you are little in stature for example, do not torment yourself to carry a huge purse, just because it seems to be fashionable.

Accessories for the beach: When it comes to beach, leisure, sun, tanned skin and fun, you can choose to wear oversized gold jewelry, colorful, funny accesories, that get you out from anonymity.

        When you choose what accessories to wear keep in mind that "less is more". Respect your style and be creative within the limits of good taste.