We women are not satisfied with our physical appearance ever. We always want what we do not have, wanting to be either a little shorter or taller, or we want to have a physical shape more rounded or we want to be weak like top models. But we must know that beauty is not absolutely perfect, as there is no completely ugliness.
Photo by duke9042004

        People are different, they have different features and this gives charm to relations between us.

        We should know better our physical qualities and defects for to know what we must do to be truly beautiful. There are clothes for all types of silhouette, clothes that give us confidence in us and make us feel beautiful, stylish and admired regardless of the size of our body. And if we learn to dress clothes that are suitable to us, we will show that we respect ourselves, and people will respect us and will admire us.

         There are few rules in fashion from whom we should not deviate. They shall always be applied, whatever fashion news emerged, differently for the four types of silhouettes:

• Petite and svelte silhouette

• Petite and plump silhouette

• Tall and svelte silhouette

• Tall and plump silhouette