Outfit colours

• Bright and bold colors talk about an energetic, detached and nonchalant person.

• Pale or pastel colors, show a discreet, sober or shy temperament.

Photo by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

        Choosing the right colours and their harmony in our own clothes is as important as the line cut, which is sometimes even more important. Depending on the physical characteristics, certain colours suit you and others not.

       Here are some rules of colour harmony:

• Keep always in mind that dark colours optically thin silhouette and the light make it look fatter.

• Prints with vertical stripes thin silhouette and the horizontal ones make it look wider. Also, if you have generous physical forms avoid prints with large flowers or designs.

• Never mix different prints in the same outfit. It is a total lack of style. For example, a printed shirt fits only with a skirt or a pair of pants monochromatic, preferably a colour that is in print, in the smallest amount.

• If your clothes have bright colours or with prints do not wear impressive accessories but some very simple and small.

• Do not combine two vibrant colors in the same outfit. Combine the stronger colour with one neutral.

• Do not wear the same colour from head to toe, as you not seem that you wear a uniform.

• Avoid monotony of color. If your dress is composed of two neutral colours, add a third color. For example, a brown skirt combined with a beige shirt fits with a burgundy or green jacket, a colorful accessory or a scarf with funny print. But do not wear more than three colors at the same time.

         Here's what colours are right for you depending on your features, the skin pigment and hair color:

- If you have dark hair and white and matte skin, strong colours are right for you: cardinal red, electric blue, jade green, orange, black, gray. Avoid brown and beige.

- If you are brunette or dark brown and the skin is pale or yellowish, you should wear the following colors: brown, beige, yellow, blue, gray, white.

- If your hair is blonde, brown or red and the skin is pale, you should choose the following colours: red, olive green, purple, lilac, chocolate, scarlet, orange, white, black, navy blue.

- -If you are blonde or you have light brown hair and dark skin, the following colours should be your favorites: orange, gold, copper, beige, ocher, brown, purple, green.

        Some colour combinations provide style to your clothing:

Beige - Brown (simplicity, good taste)

Beige - Black (delicacy, elegance)

Beige - Dark green (subtlety)

Olive green - Turquoise (bold combination)

Gray - Brick (pleasant sight combination)

Pink - Green (combination cheerful, courageous)

Turquoise - Yellow (bold combination)

Red - Navy (youthful mix)

Navy - Gold (glossy combination)

Bleumariu - Orange (individuality)

Purple Plum - Olive Green (elegant combination)

• black and white because they are not colours, you can join them almost with any color.