Petite and svelte silhouette

         Petite women with slim silhouette will seem taller if they will wear clothes that emphasize their fine features:
Photo by Alaskan Dude
- Short jackets, tight shirt or a little wider, sweaters and shirts with a V neckline that makes the neck look longer, three-quarter sleeves

- Pencil skirts, up to the knee or a little above them, dark colored.

- Short dresses or slightly above the knees.

- Pants with normal waistline or even a little high, wedge-shaped, straight or slightly flared, without cuffs, covering the heels of shoes.

- High heels, not too high because they do not seem to be perched. Also, shoes in nude color or in the same color of tights, which optically lengthens the legs.

- Small accessories

- Small prints combined with monochromatic clothing pieces, preferably in darker colors. Avoid horizontal stripes