Outfit style

Classic style
Photo by Jorbasa
        Classic clothes aim the body line, be it the pants, suits or skirts. Classic style requires sobriety, sophistication, proportional and strict cuts and neutral colors. Contrasts between dark colors (which are prevalent in the classical attire) and those very light are perfect for this style.

        What gives personality to this style, are the only few accessories which must be of quality and to stand out: a hand watch, a necklace or a precious bracelet, a bold color scarf, a handbag or special shoes.

Casual style

Photo by wesleynitsckie
               This is the preferred style of energetic woman with an active life which involves a lot of movement. The persons who prefer this style choose to wear the comfortable outfit usually consisting of separate clothing items: sports shirts, shorts, long and wide skirts, jeans etc., in combinations that often have no logic. If you are an adept of this style you should be careful at the choice of your hairstyle while accessories must be simple. This sporty and natural style is appropiate for morning attire, working and for outdoors walking.

Photo by AgathaGarcia
Romantic style

       This is an avant garde style, if we consider that women usually tend to wear attire with male accents. Romantic style is the most feminine clothing style. It highlights the female body shapes through cuts that emphasize the waist, through necklines and soft textile fabrics, ruffles, lace, floral prints, dots. Woman who adopts this style must choose outfit of good taste and suitable for occasions, otherwise she may seem immature, frivolous and with "head in the clouds".

Dramatic style

Photo by Idhren

         Avant-garde style is dramatic, intriguing, sophisticated and mysterious, with slightly masculine accents. It is characterized by dark or neutral colored outfit but also by bold colors. The cut of clothing, the prints and the accessories have straight, sharp and hard lines, even geometrical. Women who choose this style is a discreet person and she gives the impression of a character rigid, authoritarian and very serious.