The 20s woman had a nostalgic and melancholy look. Her makeup was almost theatrical, very pronounced, with strong colors.

Foundations were used in very light shades, giving the skin a very pale look. Powder that was applied made that the skin to be matte, lackluster.
During this period the heavily emphasized eyes were wearing. The focus is on shaping the eyes with dark shades, dramatic, extended by blending to the brow bone. The difference is the shape downward which was given eyes. Both upper and lower eyelids were outlined with black eyeliner very close to the lashes. The upper and lower line, were joined to external corner of the eye.  They were also applied generous coats of mascara on the eyelashes
          Such eyes, eyebrows were descending form. Natural eyebrow was removed by shaving or scorch and completely redesigned with eyeliner pencil, in a single line, extended to the temples
Blush also was accentuated following the line of cheekbone with shades of pink, orange or garnet.

Lips were strongly shaped, slightly thinned, and the V's upper lip was much accentuated. Lipstick was red, dark red or brown.


Specific makeup from the 30's is waxy skin look, woman having a mysterious look, that look of the femme fatale, revolutionary. 

 Foundation that was used then was slightly, fluid, and over it was applied a slightly pink or an ivory face powder, so making porcelain skin, dull, no imperfections.
 Downward form of eye makeup is kept but the eye shadow is applied with lights and shadows. Multiple shades of eye shadow are used, increasing the eyelid crease with a darker shade. Eyelashes are emphasized with multiple coats of mascara and even the false eyelashes are used. Eyebrows are the same as those of 20s, very thin and descending shape.
Cheekbones were well defined with pink, red or garnet blush.

Lips continue to remain strongly contoured, slightly thinned; they are in fact the centerpiece of makeup. Lipstick was matte, red-colored.


                                        THE 40s MAKEUP

In the 40's trend is naturalness and sensuality.  

Skin was matte, slightly pale. Then, a foundation with high hiding power was used and a face powder over it.
Eye makeup was still with a downward shape but natural colors were used and the eyebrows slowly returned to their natural form.
The liquid eyeliner was used for the first time, applied in thin line on the upper eyelid.
 Mascara was applied in generous coats and false eyelashes were used.
Cheekbones were well defined in natural shades of pink, lips returning to natural form and lipsticks are matte with intense shades of red.

50s makeup was sexy, provocative yet very elegant.

Any imperfection of the skin was well covered; women face became almost perfect with a sensual luminosity.
The eye shadow colors were bright and shiny (ivory, silver, gray etc). The upper eyelid crease was beautifully shaped. It uses the liquid eyeliner forming so-called the "cat eye" makeup. False Eyelashes are also very fashionable at the time.
 The natural shape of the eyebrows is maintained, being beautifully emphasized with a contour pencil.
The blush was applied on the cheekbones, just below the pupil, in colors of pink or dark red and the lips are perfectly outlined with a contour pencil. Lipstick color is bright red.

60s makeup emphasizes the eyes, making them appear bigger.

        Only one color of eye shadow is used on the upper eyelid and the brow bone is illuminated with white eye shadow. The upper eyelid crease is strongly shaped with dark colors, even black. The makeup has a descending shape. The eyelashes are strongly emphasized, very voluminous, applying then false eyelashes on both upper eyelids and on the bottom.
Also,   the liquid eyeliner is used in thicker lines, applied both upper eyelids and on the bottom. In order for eyes look even larger on the lower eyelid conjunctiva was applied a white pencil.
The face skin looks natural, is matte and well covered with foundation, but bright.

The blush has bright and luminous colors and the lipstick is matte and light colored.


In the 70's hippie trend appears. 
            For the first time the bright skin and sun tanning, is accepted.   The makeup oscillates between the soft style (for the day makeup) and the glamour and punk-rock style (for the evening makeup).
The smoky eyes makeup is greatly promoted with colors like green, blue, purple, brown and black. The eye shadows
are shiny, shimmery. The eyeliner is frequently used to give eyes the "cat eye" shape. The use of false eyelashes is abandoned.
The blush has strong shades of pink, orange or scarlet and for the lips are used strong colors, strident and shiny.


MADONNA  1984. Photo by Michael Putland Source

 Extravagance is what defines the 80s makeup.
   At that time they used a lot of color, even exaggerated, for eyes, lips, clothes. The hair is teased; with much more volume. The eye shadows are applied even toward the eyebrows and they are shimmery, in strident tones, bright pink, green, blue, purple, turquoise etc.
           The eyeliner is applied to both upper eyelid and on the bottom. Multiple layers of mascara are applied on the eyelashes.                                  
The eyebrows are kept natural, unplucked. The lipstick shades are also harsh, bright pink, orange, cyclamen, violet.


90s makeup is natural, woman becomes delicate, sensual, ethereal. In the 90s appears the nude makeup
         The women face skin is slightly tanned and bright, having a fresh healthy look

      Also, in 90s the fashion is inspired by the grunge style being influenced by musical groups such as Soundgarden and Nirvana.
        The eye shadows were used in natural colors, earthy (beige, gray, brown), applied in smoky style. 
        The eyes were outlined to elongated shape (the cat-eyes) with a pencil or liquid eyeliner. 
        The eyebrows were plucked in arched shape.
       The blush is a matte natural color and the lipstick is light (pale pink, beige) with a slightly satin texture.