- Makeup over age 30

            30 years is the most beautiful age of woman, it is the moment when naivety of youth disappears and the physical beauty, balance and maturity are outlined. This is the age of full elegance. Makeup becomes a valuable ally of the woman. Everything must be perfect studied and more than ever woman must realize what fits and what does not, what is an advantage for her, making her to glow.

           Some women, considering that they still not show their own age, make the mistake of wearing the same kind of makeup that was chosen at the age of 20 years old. It is possible that this will give the impression of desperation, doubt or even ridiculous and the others will smile indulgently. 
        So my darlings accept yourselves and be convinced that to the age of 30 years old you are more beautiful than ever!

Use a light foundation with high hiding power but not thick layer because your skin will choke and the fine lines will highlight.

• To fix the foundation, you should not miss the face powder, loose powder preferably in matte or translucent texture applied in very thin layer.

• Concealer is a must-have in your makeup kit. Apply it in a thin layer, with your fingers, in the internal corner of the eye, easily blurred outwards and slightly down to the sides of the nose, forming a sort of triangle.

• Illuminator is also a secret weapon located into your makeup kit. Apply it over the cheekbone, under the outer corner of the eye for a bright and sensual look.

• Blush should have pastel and neutral color (peach, pink) so that your cheeks to look naturally reddened with a youthful appearance. Avoid harsh colors such as brown, terracotta or dark purple. Do not apply too much blush!   Use a soft brush and lightly touch the cheekbones, exactly where your cheeks usually blush naturally.
• Use eye shadow in neutral colors (ocher, beige, peach, gold, ivory), pastel (pink, purple, blue, lime), with a slightly matte or pearly texture. Avoid ones too bright or glitter because they will accentuate your wrinkles or the fine lines. Mascara can be both black and brown.
Regarding the lipstick, you can dare to wear both the pastel and bold colors. Be careful however that lips to be perfectly shaped with a pencil in same shade as lipstick. For adding volume for lips, you can apply a bit of gloss over lipstick in the center of the lower lip. 
  Remember that at this age you have to look youthful, luminous and sensual. Do not use excessive makeup, garish color combinations or glitter because you will accentuate the wrinkles and the age and you will make an impression of a desperate woman.