Makeup for teenage girls  

At teenage, the skin needs to have a young look, as it is lively and fresh. It must stir up a little envy and nostalgia for the elderly. Emotions and feelings from adolescence make your skin to radiate, to naturally blush and your eyes to shine. ALLOW YOUTHFUL TO SHINE! Do not try to cover your so young and radiant skin with the makeup products of your mother. You have all the time in the world to look mature.  Nothing is more beautiful than adolescence which unfortunately is so short.
Makeup kit for a teen has to be a simple one: a corrector for acne, a mascara, and lip-gloss.
Here are some tips to care for you if you are a teenager:
Do not wash your face with soap because it aggress your skin very hard and it will cause imbalances in it, leaving it defenseless against all kinds of germs. The skin will dry very hard and it will wrinkle prematurely and the oily or acne skin may develop eczema and fungal or bacterial infections. You may use soap-free products on whose label says "sans savon" or "soap free" or those recommended by your dermatologist.

• Instead of creams and cosmetics use extra virgin olive oil that will not only clean your skin, but it also has a nourishing effect for it and your skin will thank you. Also, avoid lotions that contain alcohol. Instead you can use natural herbal teas or thermal water.

If your skin suffers from acne go to a dermatologist. Causes of acne are usually internal and the healing must start from there. Otherwise, you will aggravate the situation and what can be only juvenile acne to turn into rebellious acne that is very hard to heal and with pretty serious consequences.

Do not use foundation even if it attracts you so much because you will cover your skin's natural brightness and you will have a fake look. If you have pimples you want to mask you should not cover your whole face. Buy a good quality concealer that has a double effect: healing and covering. Put a little concealer on pimple or on the area that you want faded and slightly pressed without rubbing. Also, apply a little concealer on the under eye area to give luminosity eyes. You may then apply a little loose powder for matt look.

• Do not outline your eyes strongly with eyeliner pencil. It will make you look older and sadder than you are. In no case apply pencil inside the lower eyelid (on the conjunctiva) because it will decrease your eyes and you will look harsh. If you however use pencil eyeliner then apply it in thin line on the upper eyelid, as close to the lash line and then fades gently with a cosmetic cotton swab.  

• If you want to highlight your eyes use mascara, applied in maximum of two layers for a sensual and sweet look.

If your lips are dry and flaking put a little lip balm on the toothbrush and gently massage them. They will become soft and smooth.

• Lip gloss can be both colorless and with cheerful shades of pink, cyclamen, peach or orange.

• If you're going to dance at the club you may dare to wear a bolder makeup. If you emphasize your eyes then leave lips as nude, and vice versa, if you want to paint the lips then the eye makeup should be as simple. Otherwise you risk looking like a clown.

       So, learn to enjoy your teenage years and you do not rush to seem mature. First of all people around you will appreciate your natural beauty, your smile, your attitude and your specific joy of adolescence.                      
       Learn to be elegant and stylish from now and you will see how you will attract admiring glances of others.