- Makeup over age 40

Over the age of 40 years old your makeup kit should be changed almost completely.
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Strong colors are not your friends because they make you look harsh and you have to choose only pastel colors both for eye and lip makeup.

• The foundation must have high hiding power, to be bright with lifting effect and it should also contain quality ingredients that nourish the skin (such as vitamin E). Use only the translucent face powder applied in very thin layer, almost invisible but you must give up on it definitively if your skin is dry.

• Blush, preferably creamy, should be in pastel and natural colors.

• The eye makeup, also in pastel colors (pale pink, peach, lime blue, lilac) must have a textured matte or slightly pearly. Renounce to black color both for the contour pencils and for mascara. Mascara may be brown instead of black, applied in one layer up to two. In any case, you do not have to apply mascara on the lower lashes because it tightens your eyes.

• Before applying lipstick, underlines carefully your lips with a lip liner in the same color. Lipstick should be creamy and moisturizing. Avoid the too shimmery products.