- Makeup over age 50

Over age of 50 years old, the makeup has to be a strong ally for you. The cosmetic products must have anti-aging effect, to be bright and to improve the skin appearance. You do not have to hide yourself behind a thick layer of makeup but you should highlight your most beautiful features, lightly blurring the characteristic signs of elderly.
Photo by byebye22

The foundation must be creamy and moisturizing with ingredients that nourish the skin and to have an optical effect of facelift.

• The concealer, with a lighter shade than your foundation, should be applied in a very thin layer, blurred carefully to the nose, cheeks and in the outer corner of the eye, as not to create the appearance of eyeglasses.

• Renounce to powder completely because it can enter into wrinkles of the face, accentuating them.

• Choose a blush with a matte and creamy texture in soft pastel colors.

• Eye makeup should be in matte and soft pastel colors, light colored or even a little more intense for a touch of color. Avoid colors with cold metallic reflexes.
• Do not give a powerfully shape for your eyebrows because you will not have a feminine look anymore but one harsh and rougher.

• The lipstick, creamy and moisturizing, should be in pleasant warm colors.

• Before to apply lipstick, you should carefully outline your lips with a contour pencil in a similar color as the lipstick. Do not apply an excessive layer of lipstick and removes the excess gently squeezing a tissue of paper between your lips.