Nail is an annex formation of skin which serves to protect the extremities of fingers.

          Proper functioning of thyroid gland and hypophysis determines the normal nail growth. Nails grow about 1 mm daily, faster in summer and slower in winter.

         Both about their health and for aesthetics of hands, nails should be kept cared by cleaning, cutting and filing. Very long nails are so uncomfortable and unaesthetic. Toenails should not be allowed to grow long, common mistake of many women because they look like hideous feet of eagle. For a beautiful looks of the nail, they must be cut leaving an edge 2mm maximum.

       Any change in the appearance of nails indicates a specific health problem:

- Brittle nails that break easily, shows that they have intolerance to acetone, nail polish or detergents or indicate some health disorders: anemia, stress, infectious diseases. It is recommended to be cared with lukewarm oil or special products based on vitamins A and E that have an effect of thickening of the nail.

- Curved nails show a person anemic with iron or vitamin C deficiency in the body or who uses caustic products without gloves to protect hands.

- Nails with white spots are specific to anemic persons. It is recommended a diet based on green vegetables, liver.

- Colored nails (brown, bluish, etc.) You should send immediately to the doctor for the detection of pathological (e.g. cardio-vascular problems)

             You must know:

- Nacre of nail polishes affects nail, thinning it. It is not recommended their abusive use. Before applying nacre nail polish, apply a colorless top coat and wait for it to dry. This will protect the nail by the nacre attack from your favorite polish.

- To thin the consistency of the thickened nail polish, combine it with a colorless lake to get the desired consistency. Do not mix nail varnish with solvent or acetone.

- Do not use pure acetone to remove nail varnish because it dries the nails.

- Do not keep the nail polish if it jumped out and was removed from place to place. It is totally ugly. It is better to wear nails perfectly clean.

- Wearing excess false nails affect the nail health. Although it looks very nice, nail suffers, becoming thin and ugly. Gel and acryl which are used to construct false nails are toxic. It is better to care your nails with specific treatment products, lukewarm oil or lemon juice.

- In the evening, when you grease your hands with moisturizer, massage well your nails so that they become more resistant.