“Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.” Coco Chanel

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         Fashion is part of our daily lives whether they obey or not. Fashion evolves over time and leaves it mark on our personal style. Women in general are concerned about their appearance and even if they do not become slaves of fashion all become dependent on it.

          But even if a person has clothes that are trendy in her wardrobe, this does not necessarily mean that she is stylish. Elegance is an art that combines the good taste with fashion. Elegance is cultivated, it is educated and it remains forever imprinted in the gestures and attitudes. It is even more important than beauty which is fleeting. Instead fashion is fickle and changeable and is so challenging that it's hard to keep up with it.

           Being fashionable does not mean to buy randomly clothes that you like and that you have remarked in the latest fashion editorials. You must choose clothes that are best for you and highlight your physic qualities. For this, you have to think realistically, to know yourself and to accept both qualities and your defects. You should know that nothing is absolutely beautiful as nothing is completely ugly.

          Fashion cannot exist without elegance. The way in which you dress up defines your personality; it is a kind of personal business card. So for you to be fashionable is imperative to know how to be stylish, you need to know to distinguish between clothes that can be worn at the age of 20 years and those appropriate to 40 years old. Age should not be cheated, no matter how much you want to do this. It is very possible to get exactly what you do not want and to fall into the ridiculous. If your clothes are properly chosen, matched for age that you have, you will be an attractive woman who always will attract admiring glances of people around you.